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Rockland Girls Softball League

Parents Code of Conduct


Parents Code of Conduct Agreement


I hereby Pledge to provide positive support, care and encouragement for all children participants, coaches, other parents and umpires in the Rockland Girls Softball League:

  • I agree to cheer, let the coach’s coach, let the umpires ump and let the players play.

  • I agree to respect the schedules of the coaches and teammates by having my ballplayer arrive on time for practices and games and will notify my coach if my player will arrive late or not be able to attend.

  • I agree to be a positive role model and will not engage in public displays of anger.

  • I will promote good sportsmanship by respecting opposing fans, coaches, participants and umpires.

  • I agree to respect coaching decisions regarding playing time, position and placement and will refrain from coaching any player.

  • I will not approach players or coaches before, during or immediately after games with anything other than support. All questions/concerns regarding players or coaches will be addressed the day after the game in an atmosphere conductive to problem solving.

  • I agree to file, in writing to the RGSL Board of Directors complaints regarding: violation of rules, questionable conduct such as any inappropriate behavior by a player, coach or fan and irreconcilable personality conflicts.


Checking the box on the registration form (paper and online) verifies that I have read, understand and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. I also agree to the consequences determined by Rockland Girls Softball League. I have also read and discussed with my player the Players Code of Conduct.

Consequences may include removal from practice/game, suspension and/or removal from our league, and/or a fine up to $200.00 in either a violation of the Player/Coach Code of Conduct and/or Parent Code of Conduct.

Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct Agreement

I hereby acknowledge and agree to abide by the word and spirit of the Rockland Girls Softball League:

  • Coaches are for ALL the children in the program and not just the ones assigned to a particular team.

  • Coaches are responsible for setting an example and an expectation for players and parents by controlling both their own temper and language.

  • Coaches must show respect to other coaches, referees and umpires at all times and under all circumstances. All disputes will be handled in an appropriate matter. First: both head coaches and umpire at the time of dispute at home plate. Second: both head coaches, player agent and president.

  • Coaches will be replaced by RGSL Board of Directors at any time for behavior deemed detrimental to children.

  • Coaches are expected to help keep all fields clean and free of trash and in a safe and playable manner at all times.

  • All coaches are required to complete and submit a CORI form to RGSL every 12 months. No one will be allowed to coach if they have been convicted of any felony crime and/or convicted of any inappropriate contact with a minor.

  • Coaches shall have another adult present at all/any RGSL activities (including practices) involving any age 14 and under. So if you schedule a one on one practice with a single player, the player’s parent must be present or sign a waiver. Please try to avoid any one on one.

  • Coaches shall NEVER leave any under aged player unattended on a field after the game or practice is over. *Please let every parent know not only the start time but the estimated ending times of practices. Contact the player agent if any parent is repeatedly a no show at the end of practices or games.

  • If any under aged player travels from one team practice to another team practice at the same location no coach shall leave until the other coach arrives and starts their practice. Example: Spring team practice to summer team practice.

  • Coaches will have basic first aid kits provided by RGSL at each field for spring and travel kits for each travel team. Restocking items will be at the concession stand. All coaches are responsible for restock of each kit as they use items and not as they notice things are missing.


RGSL Rules

Umpire Code of Conduct

  1. Each manager is allowed 2 coaches on the field area and 1 bench coach in the dugout. No more than 3 adults, including the manager, are allowed on the field. No children (not on the team) are allowed on the field or in the dugout. Please keep your players orderly while in the dugout. This is the responsibility of the manager/coaches to make sure your players leave the dugout the way it was when they entered, neat and clean! The area behind home plate is restricted; parents and children are not allowed to linger there.

  2. No coach or manager is allowed outside of the dugout area unless they are a 1st or 3rd base coach. They must ask permission from the home plate umpire after play has stopped and be granted permission to approach either the umpire or any player on the field. Only the manager is allowed to speak to the umpire. Managers are only allowed to make a trip to the mound 3 times per pitcher. On the 4th trip to the mound the pitcher must be replaced, unless it’s due to an injury.

  3. All games consist of seven (7) innings, with no new inning starting after 1 hour 45 minutes for senior league and 1 hour 30 minutes for junior league. The umpire has the right to call games due to darkness and/or weather. All games should be completed within a 2 hour time limit max.

  4. Each host team will supply 2 new game balls for every game.

  5. Each senior league team will field nine (9) positions and each junior league team will field ten (10) positions. You may start with 1 less or use a guest player from the opposing team to fill the roster for the purpose of playing the scheduled game and to avoid forfeits. If a guest player is moved to the other team due to lack of players then the 9th player shows up, the guest player must stay with the team and the 9th player will be added to the end of the batting order and the opposing team must be notified of the change. The guest player will continue to bat in the order and play the field. The guest player may return to its original team if there is a player from that team that gets injured and is removed from the game, giving them less than 9 players, then that player will fill in at that spot in the line up without penalty to either team.

  6. All players in attendance will bat in an order that the manager submits before the start of the game (11 players, 11 batters). If a player is unable to bat due to injury/sickness then their spot will be skipped over without penalty. If a player arrives after the lineup has been submitted to the other team, that player will bat at the end of the order and the opposing team must be informed. Once the game starts, the order cannot be changed, only added to if a player is injured and cannot bat and the opposing manager must be notified and there will be no penalty if that player’s turn at bat is missed. If an injured player is able to re-enter later in the game, they must re-enter in the same position in the batting order after notifying the opposing manager. If that same player gets injured again they cannot return to the game and their spot in the lineup is closed for the remainder of the game.

  7. All players must play in the field at least 50% of the game. After the second inning, if a player sits out the first 2 innings that player must play the following innings unless injured or illness occurs. Opposing manager must be notified if there is a player that cannot field.

  8. When the pitcher is in the 8-foot radius circle and in the possession of the ball, the base runner(s) shall not leave their base until the ball has been released by the pitcher. Runners are allowed to take a lead when the pitcher releases the ball.

  9. Stealing is allowed. 4 runs per inning in the junior league and 5 runs per inning in the senior league. Junior league cannot steal home. Senior league cannot steal home if up by more than 11 runs. The last inning is unlimited runs unless either team is up by more than 12 runs then the game will be considered a completed game due to the slaughter rule. The slaughter rule is either the beginning of inning 7 or after the 1 ½ hour time.

  10. No head first sliding. Any runner who slides head first while advancing is automatically out. You may dive back to a base to avoid a pickoff attempt. When a runner is off a base after a pitch or after a batter completes a turn at bat, and while the pitcher has the ball in the 8-foot radius circle, the runner must immediately attempt to advance to the next base or return to the base the runner is entitled. If the runner does not immediately advance or return, the umpire may/will call them out. Umpires judgment.

  11. In the senior league only. A batter who receives a walk may continue past first base (to steal second) as long as second base is unoccupied. They must not stop or hesitate after passing first base and attempting to steal second while the pitcher has the ball inside the circle. The umpire may/will call you out. Umpires judgment. Running past first base and returning back to the bag does not constitute an attempt to advance.

  12. In the senior league only. The batter becomes a runner when the third strike called by the umpire is not caught, providing (1) first base is unoccupied or (2) first base is occupied and there are 2 outs. Note: A batter forfeits her opportunity to advance to first base when she enters the dugout or any other dead ball area or removes her helmet.

  13. The official pitching distance is 35 feet in the junior league. In the senior league the official pitching distance is 43 feet, however if the pitcher is under the age of 14 (U12) the manager may choose to move the distance to 40 feet.

  14. A senior league pitcher may pitch up to 7 innings in the game but must be removed if she hits 3 batters in 1 inning or 4 batters in a game. The pitcher must also be removed if the manager visited the mound twice in the same inning. If a pitched ball bounces and hits the batter that is not a hit by pitch. Umpires judgment.

  15. Obstruction. If a defensive player blocks the base (plate) without possession of the ball, the runner is declared safe and a delayed dead ball shall be called (“in the act of fielding”) was removed. If the runner blocks a defensive player from fielding a hit or thrown ball, the runner may/will be called out. If a runner gets hit by a batted ball preventing a defensive player to field the batted ball, the runner may/will be called out, however if the runner gets hit by a batted ball after a defensive player misses the batted ball and doesn’t cause the missed batted ball, the play is still live and the runner may advance, as long as the runner did not purposely run into the batted ball. Umpires judgment.

  16. Code of Conduct Rule: The senior league umpire (ASA) has the right to suspend a game, remove both teams into their dugouts, and handle unruly spectators or coaches. Team managers are the only adult allowed on the field along with the umpire to handle the spectator. The umpire may reduce the offending team’s staff by one coach and assign that coach to remain with the spectator for the rest of the game or have the spectator removed from the field entirely. If any coach is ejected from the game, they must remove themselves from the field entirely. If that same coach gets ejected from a second game they will miss the next game as well. The RGSL board must be notified in writing of any and all person(s) being ejected from a game. Any coach with physical contact or bodily harm to any other person(s) on or off the field will not be tolerated and will be removed as a coach permanently. If the umpire requests the removal of any spectator and/or coach from the field, the manager should inform the ejected person(s) that 911 will be called if they don’t remove themselves. Junior league umpires have the right to suspend any game and notify both team managers regarding an unruly spectator or coach. The team manager must address the situation or forfeit the game. The RGSL board must be notified in writing of any suspension of games by the junior league umpire.

  17. Speed up rule. If the offensive team’s catcher is a runner on base and there are 2 outs the team may remove the catcher and replace her with the last batted out. This will allow the catcher to get dressed and be ready to warm up the pitcher.

  18. Junior league, all offensive players are required (mandatory) to wear fielder’s masks when in the field. Senior league offensive players, it is suggested that every infield player wear a fielder’s mask but not mandatory. Senior and junior league players, every defensive player must wear a helmet with a face cage and chin strap while in the field of play. No bats should be left on the ground or up against the fence in the field of play.

  19. Each coach is required to help maintain the field, rake or drag the infield, line the foul lines, pitchers circle and batters boxes as well as keep the field and dugouts clean. All equipment must be put back inside the shed or job boxes and locked up. Any items left behind after a game: gloves, bats, helmets, clothing, ect must be locked up in the job box.


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